Towards the tail-end of the 20th century, HIV and AIDS epidemic established itself as the most devastating epidemic defying the most aggressive scientific battles to combat it. With over 30 million people infected and an estimated 10 million people dead, the epidemic metamorphosed from public health problem into an overall development challenge undermining African renaissance.


Hence as part of efforts to mitigate the challenge posed by the disease the Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA) brought about the ICASA conference sessions to advocate for a stronger voice in response to this epidemic.


In that vein prior to ICASA 17 in Cape Town – South Africa, this blog was created under the auspices  of SAA to serve as a one stop medium to provide news and information on HIV / AIDS and its related diseases by Africa and global journalists during the conference and beyond.



Media AIDS Africa envisions an African continent free of HIV, TB and Malaria and their debilitating effects on our communal and societal structures, where people are socially and economically empowered to live productive life in dignity.



To help promote information’s on policies and research to support governments’ national response to the epidemic in the continent.


Our Goal

To provide information and create the needed awareness to decrease the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS, STIs, Tuberculosis and Malaria in the African continent.